The Route

Running across 214 miles of superb and varied country the Southern Upland Way is still undiscovered by many. It starts from Portpatrick on the south west coast and finishes at Cockburnspath on the east. There are no summits above 3000ft, but over 80 rise above 2000ft.

The Way provides a real challenge for the experienced. On the other hand, some sections are ideal for families and the less ambitious. Experienced walkers consider the route to be one of the most challenging of Scotland’s Great Trails.

Travelling the entire 214 miles of the Southern Upland Way will take you through an amazing variety of scenery. This will provide a challenge that will give you a fantastic sense of achievement upon completion. Many of the longer sections are very arduous and would be difficult for some to manage in a single day. To avoid this some accommodation providers will collect you from pick up points along the route and drop you off again the next morning. A transfer service is also available to move your luggage to your next night’s accommodation. You can download a series of leaflets to help explain the surrounding landscape, wildlife and local history.

Most people take about 12 to 16 days to complete the route in one go. It can also be split into two or more trips. You can do Portpatrick to Moffat in 6 to 8 days and Moffat to Cockburnspath in 6 to 8 days. Or take it at your own pace whether fast or slow and enjoy the experience. Don't forget to claim a completion certificate when you have finished.

Route Sections

Our ranger team divide the route up into 12 sections. These sections are designed to be manageable in a single day, though some are shorter than others. Each section has unique features, and can be very different from one another. Discover more about each section below.

Looking for something quicker? The Ranger team have created short walks along the Southern Upland Way