The Hoard

Find treasure hidden along the Southern Upland Way

In remote, secret places along the Southern Upland Way, sculptured kists can be found.

There are 13 of them, just a few yards from the path. If you look inside you will discover a coin. Each shows an image designed by a young artist from one of the schools along the route of the Southern Upland Way. They show scenes of history, wildlife and the local culture of Southern Scotland. 

Take one of these coins from each kist and if you find them all you will have your own Hoard.

Legacy of the Waymerks

The kists are sculptures placed in the landscape. They were originally designed by artists specialising in many different forms including potters, carpenters and sculptors. They originally contained Waymerks, hand minted coins. Some of the original kists have now been replaced or updated and they now contain the new Hoard coins.

No Treasure!

Finding a coin in the kists is not guaranteed. If a large group has passed by earlier in the day they may all have been taken. Do not despair! Just take a photo of the kist and contact the ranger service here. We will send out a coin for each named person in your party.