About our bothies

All bothies are now open!

Due to the need for social distancing only one group of people can use the bothy at a time and it is even more important that you clean the bothy before you leave. Therefore you should come prepared to wild camp if someone else is using the bothy.

We have five bothies along the Southern Upland Way. The Ranger Service maintains two of these, The Beehive and Polskeoch / Chalk Memorial. The Mountain Bothies Association runs White Laggan, Brattleburn and Over Phawhope.

The bothies only offer very basic shelter. You will need to fetch your water from nearby sources. Due to their remoteness they do not have toilet facilities. They are not staffed and the condition of the bothy depends upon the previous users. Please be considerate when you use a bothy and leave it as you would hope to find it.

Respect the Bothy

Report damage. Take rubbish. Close up.

Respect other users

Be welcoming & considerate. Clean & tidy.

Respect the surroundings

Bury human waste. Never cut live wood.

Respect the estate

Observe restrictions on use. Short stays only.

Respect the numbers

Large group and commercial use unavailable.

1. The Beehive

Situated in the heart of Killgallioch Forest this unique structure offers a simple nights stay in a very remote environment. Stay here and you will have views over the fells, amazing stargazing from the dark skies and historic standing stones. This bothy can sleep up to 6 on benches with additional room on the floor. There is an outdoor fire area and picnic bench.


2. Chalk Memorial / Polskeoch Bothy

The cozy and beautifully painted interior of this bothy provides a refuge in a remote valley in the woods. Painted by a local volunteer it is worth visiting just to see the murals on the walls. The wood burning stove keeps the place warm and there is plenty of space on the large sleeping platform.

3. White Laggan

This bothy stands in a dramatic landscape overlooking Loch Dee and with Merrick, the highest hill in the Southern Uplands in the distance. The interior has two rooms with sleeping platforms and a small kitchen area. There is a wood burning stove to keep the bothy warm and dry.

4. Brattleburn

Found in a clearing in the forest this small stone house provides welcome shelter on the way down to Beattock. Inside there are two small rooms downstairs, each with a wood burning stove and sleeping area. Up the ladder is a large loft area with more space for sleeping.

5. Over Phawhope

Surrounded by hills and with the fast flowing Ettrick Water just outside this bothy is set in a stunning and remote landscape. Inside is comfy and dry with a wood burning stove and separate rooms for sleeping. Outside has picnic benches and views.

Our Plan Your Trip page covers around 100 accommodation options along the Southern Upland Way.