Get involved

Help us keep the Rhins of Galloway Coast Path open

The Rangers

Countryside rangers can be found along the whole coast path. The main job of the rangers is to welcome visitors and encourage the use of the trail. They are also responsible for day-to-day maintenance of the footpath, waymarkers, stiles, boardwalks and bridges, as well as the overall development of the route, by working alongside communities and with volunteer groups.

Why help?

Keeping the path in good condition takes a lot of time and money so any donation or volunteering that you can give will help to keep the Rhins of Galloway Coast Path open and in good condition.

How can you help?

To give you an idea of what it costs to keep the route open here are some examples;

  • 50p = Plastic waymarking disc.
  • £5 = Wooden waymarker posts with thistle logo.
  • £25 = 1 Tank of fuel for grass cutter.
  • £75 = Annual chainsaw service.
  • £750 = 15m of Boardwalk.
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Volunteer Work

Not every job means muddy boots.

Just let us know how you can help out. Tasks available include:

  • Minor repairs to paths and rights of way if you're handy.
  • Checking locked gates, blocked route or overgrown paths.
  • Reporting major problems.
  • Cutting back vegetation and overhanging branches.
  • Get involved in larger tasks such as building boardwalks.