Ranger Team

The main job of the rangers is to welcome visitors and encourage use of the trail.

Rangers are also responsible for day-to-day maintenance of the path, waymarkers, stiles, boardwalks and bridges, as well as the overall development of the route, by working alongside communities and with volunteer groups. Rangers know their sections of the Way very well and can give you information and guidance on planning your route.


If you've spotted a maintenance problem with the Way, please contact the Ranger team.


I moved up to Scotland in 2007 to take up a job as a Countryside Ranger in Dumfries and Galloway. I am still here because of the amazing mountain biking and gravel riding to be had in the area.

My job on the Annandale Way is running education and community engagement across the western section.

Outside of work you will mostly find me cycling. On road or off, short rides or long distance tours. I recently rode from Dumfries down to the Isle of Wight. I’ve cycled the entire of the Annandale Way and I'm working to improve it to help others to ride it too.


I was first introduced to the Western Section of the Southern Upland Way through my schools work experience programme in 2001. Since my 'week on the way', I decided I wanted to become a Ranger and here I am today! I joined the DGC Countryside Team in 2008 after working around Scotland in many different temporary and seasonal Ranger jobs.

My job has changed greatly over the years from leading school groups and volunteers to now maintaining and promoting the Annandale Way as well as the Southern Upland Way.

Away from work I enjoy wild camping, mountain biking, maintaining my 27 year old pickup truck and spending time with the family.